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GEOGUARD ® - Textured Polyethylene Geomembrane

GEOGUARD ® - Textured Polyethylene Geomembrane

Maximum Insulation and Adhesion

Ability in Slopes

Usage of LLDPE and HDPE Geomembrane

They are insulation membranes that are homogeneously shaped by means of a calender system after undergoing the necessary processes in extruders. HDPE stands for high density polyethylene, LLDPE stands for linear low density polyethylene. LLDPE should be chosen if the details, recesses and protrusions are high according to the place to be used, and HDPE geomembrane should be selected if there are flatter details.

Featuring Characteristics

Polyethylene geomembranes which are produced in different thicknesses according to application areas for high and medium inclined slope land conditions are also produced with roughness in order to be suitable for the field slope. To prevent the material placed on inclined surfaces from slipping, using textured geomembranes, the roughness height and the number of roughness per m², the adhesion and friction coefficient are increased and the slip is prevented. Textured geomembranes are especially preferred in waste sites and sanitary landfills.

Usage Areas

Solid, Medical and Hazardous Waste Areas

Ponds and Pools

Mining Fields

Oil Fields

Irrigation Channels and Water Transmission Channels