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Our Recruitment Process

Employees who will start working in our company are evaluated in each position at the recruitment stage. There are the following stages in this evaluation process:

1 ) Department managers determine job-specific responsibilities, competencies and academic competencies and other relevant information for a particular position. They creates job postings on Kariyer.net. Candidates apply online.

2 ) Human Resources evaluates the applications. It transmits the candidates that comply with the requirements of the announced position to the relevant unit managers. The relevant unit managers report the candidates they deem appropriate to the human resources unit. Candidates are called to interview

3 ) Candidates conduct their first face-to-face interviews with the human resources department. During the first interview, in addition to discussing their experience and qualifications, they evaluate the competencies required for the job and their suitability for the job are taken into consideration.

4 ) Candidates for the final elimination are invited and have an interview again with the relevant department managers for a more detailed interview. In this meeting, Human Resources and related managers evaluate the technical competencies required for the job. It is notified within a reasonable time whether the result of the interview is positive or negative

5 )The candidates who accept the job offer are given a list of documents. The suitability of the persons who complete and submit their employment documents is revised in line with the information they provide. Hiring procedures of the suitable candidates are carried out

Open Positions

You can see all postings in open positions here and you can apply online click here